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Ravi Lingineni

Published Nov 8, 2014

About Me

As a kid, most of my toys were broken, becaause I had to take them apart and see how things worked.

Naturally, I gravitated to being an engineer, and the invisible software that makes everything tick.

I’ve worked with a lot of different things (See my projects)

Nordic Bluetooth, iOS Apps, Elasticsearch, Xamarin, S3, Garage Openers, Serverless, Figma Plugins, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Alexa Skills, Javascript, Python, AWS, Azure.

I always find that the technology is really just a way to enable an experience. And I consistently find myself after building new experiences. As a result, I learn a lot of new things everyday.

If you ask me why I’m up till 5am on a Friday night, you’ll hear me tell you:

I just want to see it work.

I think I’m a true tech person in that regard - bringing things that people have never seen into the world and excited over the number of lives it could change (even though it might just another dud). I don’t shy away from picking up something new.

What I do

I work at Pinterest as a design technologist on the Gestalt Design System. I’m focused on thinking of workflows that make dev-design handoff easier, and building new tools on top of Figma at the intersection of both design and development.

Prior, I used to be a PM doing work with scaling the Windows codebase across thousands of engineers to keep code shipping frequently and with high quality. Kind of like this post but on a bigger scale and a few more challenges.

In between the two, I was a startup founder at Amna. I think there’s a world past GUIs as we know it, and I need some more time to experiment in the space.

Catch me if you can

If you’re looking for versatile programmer, preferably with some product management experience, and leadership ability, I’m the guy.

Here’s my resume in case you were looking for it. And be sure to read a few of my posts

Feel free to reach out reach out whenever with any questions or thoughts.

Fun Facts

I’m an aspiring pilot.

I answer Stackoverflow in my spare time (nerd!). Reached 76K people so far.

I’ve pitched to Mark Cuban before in a big idea competition, and won first place.

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