About Me

Hey, I’m Ravi. I currently work as a Program Manager at Microsoft on Windows. Doing some super interesting work with scaling our codebase across thousands of engineers to keep code shipping frequently and with high quality. Kind of like this post but on a bigger scale and a few more challenges.

I love love love product strategy, design and implementation. That’s an area I need to write more blog posts on. I love to think of the different paths. I’ve always been super entreprenurial at heart. Fun fact - I pitched to Mark Cuban and won first place in a business competition a while ago:

Silvrback blog image

Favorite book right now is the Innovator’s Dilemma. Used to participate in lots of Hackathons - but I spend more time organizing them now. I spend my free time teaching computer science to high school students, freelancing on Codementor, or working on a new project.

My latest project has got me super excited. If you’re a person who opens too many tabs or works on a lot of different things, I’d love to learn more about your workflows.

Currently in a learn learn learn phase of my life. I want to learn as much as possible. Here’s my bucket list and an article on the things I care about. Always looking to work on something that makes our daily lives better.

If you have questions about startups, Xamarin, product management, interview prep, architecure, deciding the right tech or about anything really - I’m always happy to chat.

Here’s my resume in case you were looking for it.