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Searching Upvoted Articles on HN

Finding articles again from your saved list

I read Hacker News religiously. It’s part of my everyday routine. I read articles when I wake up, as I eat lunch, and before I fall asleep. HN allows you to upvote articles. Upvoted articles appear in a personal “upvoted submissions” section so that you can find them again later. However, the problem with upvoting is that there is no good way to search through all the articles you’ve upvoted.

My Bucket List

Things to do before I die

Here are things to do before I die in no particular order. I’d say it’s fairly wholesome. It’s worth sharing so anyone reading can reach out also wants to take part in something on here. Why do them alone right? A lot of the items have something do with more than just me and doing something which other people will enjoy or benefit. I still haven’t cracked it, but I think my happiness has something to do with more than just me.

Building a Bottom Sheet in Xamarin.Forms

a slide in sheet that can be pulled in over your content

This post is a part of the Xamarin July series where various Xamarin Community contributors publish posts about Xamarin UI. In this post we will explore how to create a bottom sheet or drawer interaction that is used to complement your main app page. These are similar to half modal pages - but can be of varying lengths. The iOS Maps app and Siri Shortcuts are two out of the box applications that utlize this custom control by Apple to display information contextually.

Talk like a Pilot - Winner of AWS Grand Prize

Using Alexa to simulate speaking on the radios to ATC

This was an Alexa Skill I built when I was a student pilot and was struggling to talk on the radios. You can speak to Alexa as if you’re a pilot and requesting to take off or land and ATC will respond. The underlying architecture was based on a finite state machine. It was an interesting way to build a voice based Alexa Skill. It won the AWS Educate challenge recently.

Understanding How Auth Works with Xamarin - Part 1

How does authentication work and the ways we can do it

Still working on moving this over from my old website. Please be wary of broken links Using OAuth2 and logging into 3rd party services with Xamarin.Forms, as it turns out, is not so bad. Although, Xamarin.Auth is very nice, it sometimes helps to understand how OAuth works without it being abstracted away. In fact, as you’ll learn in this post, we don’t need even need separate libraries than just Xamarin.