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Building a Bottom Sheet in Xamarin.Forms

An out of the way view that can be pulled in as needed

This post is a part of the Xamarin July series where various Xamarin Community contributors publish posts about Xamarin UI. In this post we will explore how to create a bottom sheet or drawer interaction that is used to complement your main app page. These are similar to half modal pages - but can be of varying lengths. The iOS Maps app and Siri Shortcuts are two out of the box applications that utlize this custom control by Apple to display information contextually.

Talk like a Pilot - Winner of AWS Grand Prize

A FSM approach to building Alexa voice interactions

This was a fun project. You can speak to Alexa as if you’re a pilot and requesting to take off or land. The underlying architecture was based on a finite state machine. It was an interesting way to build a voice based Alexa Skill. It won the AWS Educate challenge recently. You can read more about it in two places: AWS Educate Winners Blog Post My Project Submission Page

Understanding How Auth Works with Xamarin - Part 1

How does authentication work and the ways we can do it

Still working on moving this over from my old website. Please be wary of broken links Using OAuth2 and logging into 3rd party services with Xamarin.Forms, as it turns out, is not so bad. Although, Xamarin.Auth is very nice, it sometimes helps to understand how OAuth works without it being abstracted away. In fact, as you’ll learn in this post, we don’t need even need separate libraries than just Xamarin.

Serverless Text Searching with AWS Lambda

Search through documents without paying for the servers

I love elasticsearch. I love serverless functions. But I love serverless functions more because they’re cheaper to run. The purpose of this project is to allow the benefits of free text searching but work and scale at the most minimal cost. In essence, I built a a poor man’s elastic search. Use Cases The search algorithm powering the system is lunrjs. There are various applications, and here are a few reasons why you should use it:

5 Failed Ventures and What I learned

What I did with my 6 months before the real-world

Coming out of college, it was intimidating to know that I only had 6 months of free time before I began my real job. It was reassured by the fact that everyone after graduation kept saying, “This is the only time you’re going to get to do this kind of stuff”. So I told myself - in these 6 months, I’m going to build something of value. Hopefully one takes off and I find myself doing something that I love.