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Searching Upvoted Articles on HN

Finding articles again from your saved list

Building a Bottom Sheet in Xamarin.Forms

a slide in sheet that can be pulled in over your content

Talk like a Pilot - Winner of AWS Grand Prize

Using Alexa to simulate speaking on the radios to ATC

Adding Auth to your Xamarin.Forms App - Part 3

Understanding Limitations and Considerations with Auth

Adding Auth to your Xamarin.Forms App - Part 2

Implementation and Sample Code for Auth in Xamarin

Understanding How Auth Works with Xamarin - Part 1

How does authentication work and the ways we can do it

Serverless Text Searching with AWS Lambda

Search through documents without paying for the servers

5 Failed Ventures and What I learned

What I did with my 6 months before the real-world

Scatter Stocks - Visualize Impact of News on Stocks

A way to dive into how different news events impact share prices

Airppt - Go from Powerpoint to working HTML

What if Powerpoint was your designer tool

Alarm Jam for Amazon Echo

Cloud Alarm Service to Wake You Up

Hackend - One Click Serverless Setup

Making serverless setup and configuration easy

Aid-AR - 1st Place at HackUTA

Using Augmented Reality to help with Disaster Relief

isLocation - a geolocation REST API

Location based API with Stripe subscription

Open Garage - DIY smart garage hack

Making a Garage Remote Accessible from Anywhere

Shipping my First App

a social network for teens to hangout

Projects beyond the Keyboard

Things I've been doing outside of programming